LeMoyne-Owen College Celebrates 150 Years

Ms. Danielle E. Cornwall M.S.W's picture

2012 marks the 150th anniversary of LeMoyne-Owen College (LOC) located in Memphis, Tennessee.  LeMoyne College and Owen College merged in 1968 to provide a liberal arts education and career training in a Christian setting that historically has served black students. From its founding by missionaries to teach free and runaway slaves LeMoyne-Owen College has triumphed through adversity. The school was burnt down by race riots but was rebuilt, it struggled through periods of financial crisis but now has found stability; the school has much to celebrate. As part of its celebration LeMoyne-Owen College held their annual BEEP visit on October 24-26th. LOC has been a partner with BEEP for 27 years.  There were a host of interactive sessions that provided an opportunity for students and BEEPers to develop deeper relationships.  56 classrooms were visited and several hundred students participated.  One of the notable speakers during the special occasion was long time BEEP supporter Tomeka Hart, CEO of the Memphis Urban League. Ms. Hart inspired students during her speech by encouraging students to consider their legacy and used the analogy of planting seeds to illustrate her point. She challenged the students to think about their future, to leave a legacy and to remember their foundation. In particular Ms. Hart reflected on the school’s history and that is was due to the investment of physician Dr. Francis Julian LeMoyne of $20,000 (approx. $340K in 2012), that planted the seed for dreams that are being realized today. She charged them to answer a series of questions.Where is your mission work?What will history say about what you've done for others?Where are you planting your seeds?Who are you helping to grow?How are you helping yourself grow? Ms. Hart’s words were timely and welcomed by her audience. The BEEP legacy is one of planting the seeds of leadership and success in Corporate America. We are inspired that the legacy lives on at LeMoyne-Owen College and all of our partner schools